Friday, 12 September 2014

Massive Break Out: Magical Pimple-free Potion

Salam beautiful creatures! :) 

So I've decided to start blogging thanks to my friend. Feeling kinda nervous since this is my first blogpost but here goes.

Today I am going to talk about pimples. Yes pimples! Those nasty little things that for some reason have the need to grow on the surface of our face. I never actually experienced any huge break out on my skin except for that one time I chose the wrong facial cleanser and toner (I blame my curiosity to suddenly switch skincare) but other than that my skin has always been normal. A couple of pimples will grow now and then but nothing serious.

But this year, I got the surprise of my life when pimples started to grow non-stop on my face. First it was just a couple of pimples but over time, they started multiplying like crazy! Oh my, I was in panic mode of course. Who in their right mind wouldn't be, right? My cheeks were full with pimples. Small, sand-like pimples. Nothing noticeable from afar but me myself can feel how dirty my skin was.

Then I started to meddle with them.. that is one of the mistakes I regret doing the most. One should not meddle with one's pimples no matter how tempting it is, keep that in mind readers. So with that, my skin started to go downhill. Pimples and black or red acne marks, so unattractive :( I don't look at myself in the mirror anymore after that because what I see is a horrifying image of myself NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

How in the world can I get rid of these annoying pimples? :(

I tried so many skincare I can't even list it here or it will go on and on like an endless scroll of ways to waste money lol. At one point, I was so frustrated with my skin that I even went to a skin specialist. The skin specialist would actually do good but to go for an appointment every month and hours of crucial waiting is just a big no no to me. Plus the recovery process is too slow and costly for a student like me.
But good news, now my skin is getting better thanks to this magical potion!

All you need is a Dalacin C (100 g) and Eskinol facial deep cleanser (you can choose a variety of this but I'm using the Pure Calamansi Extract cause I love the smell of it) and you'll have your own magical potion! 

Okay the steps to make the magical pimple free potion is:
1. Separate the two ends of the Dalacin capsule to open and then drop the Dalacin powder inside the       Eskinol bottle
2. Shake the Eskinol bottle until it is mix well

Not only that it is cheap (both only cost below RM10) but it is an efficient way to get rid of pimples. Apply it after you washed your face, it will do wonders! Trust me. It took a week for my pimples to dry and now it is getting a whole lot better. This solved my problem, hope it will solve yours too! 


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