Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Discrimination: Being "too skinny"

Well hello there my fellow readers! How have you all been? Yesterday was Malaysia's national day and I spent every single waking (and sleeping) hours in my room, exciting right?

Okay this post is going to be about *drum roll please* body size. As we all know, body size has always been a sensitive issue among society especially girls. Why is it a sensitive issue? Probably because some people are not happy and comfortable with their body and do not wish for others to point out that flaw (so they think it is) of theirs.

But I have always wonder why is it offensive to call someone fat but it is not offensive to call someone "too skinny"? I personally have been a very skinny girl all of my life, probably because it is in my gene. No matter how much I eat or want to gain weight, it is somehow hard for me. And people around me isn't helping at all. They keep calling me names and judging me telling me about how skinny, bonny I am. How I have small boobs and small ass and how guys won't like that. I really don't give a damn about what "guys like" or how big boobs or ass is gonna woo the guys over, I don't and you know why? Because I don't want nor do I need a guy who is only interested in whatever junk I have in store for him. I want someone who loves me for me, my personality and accepts my earth vessel (body) despite all the flaws it may have. Enough about guys.. lets get back to the topic

I actually don't really care about it. I love my body, I am healthy. But honestly, when you hear stuff like that over and over again, it starts to beat down your confidence :( It has come to one point where I actually hate my body because I am labelled as too skinny. As if my confidence is torn into pieces when people do that to me or say mean things and call me by mean names. Really is sad. But I got over it, I look at the mirror and told myself, "Hey no matter what they say about your body, God gave you that and you're lucky enough for it to be a whole normal functioning body. Some people aren't even half as lucky as you. So appreciate it". So for anyone who's having the same crisis I had, just try to think about how lucky you actually are with what He had given you.

It is offensive to judge about anyone's body type or size no matter how big or small, curvy or bony, tall or short they are. It is equally offensive and not to mention sensitive to tell someone that there is something wrong about the size of their body even if they are perfectly healthy. So stop doing it to other people because you'll find out how unpleasant it is if some other people return the favor to you as well. People (girls especially) have to start appreciating their body, all their curves or bones as long as they are healthy (I am emphasizing healthy so if you're not, you have to change your lifestyle but that would be another topic). It is God's gift to you so why should you be ashamed of it? Take a good look and appreciate it, take good care of it and most of all, love it.

Till we meet again next time

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